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Dr. Sima Ariam, Psychotherapist, Psychologist

Sima Ariam, Ph.D., CGP


Welcome!  You've taken the first step.

My approach to therapy is contemplative, reflective and reaching beyond time and space, beyond resistances and limitations, past and present.


In therapy, we create a space where thoughts, feelings and memories not now available to your conscious mind, arise. Using them through careful listening and reciprocal mirroring, we tap into the true self.


This process can be likened to "emotional" yoga. Whether through individual,  couples or group therapy, you will soon perceive and relate to yourself and others in new, unthought-of-before ways and reconnect with the authentic flow of your spontaneous, creative and alive self.  

You find that change is possible, that you can be the agent of your life, rather than a passive spectator, and end up living the life that you desire. 

Give sorrow words.

The grief that does not speak whispers the o’er-wrought heart,

and bids it break.


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