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Mirror image of NYC original photo by Dr Sima Ariam

"In the safe harbor of the therapist, one slowly digests, deactivates, and lays to rest the mappings of the

old play; the symptoms and suffering generated by the old play disappear.  During the therapy, the patient writes and inhabits a new play of trust and positive emotions and attachment..."

Robert A. Berezin, M.D.


Mirroring in therapy, like the original mirroring of the "good enough" mother whose loving gaze provides the infant with feeling of competence necessary for his or her development, can reboot and reset mental systems.  


It may alleviate emotional pain and allow it to come to the surface, and with it, open new vistas that allow for the re-emergence of parts of the self that have been squelched, denied or forgotten.  It opens the way for new choices and options and for the authentic you to emerge.

In my work as a therapist, I act as that "good enough" mother, providing the corrective experience and back-and-forth mirroring that may, earlier in life, have either been opaque, absent or denied.

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