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"Trauma is the hardest of all attachments to mourn."

Robert A. Berezin, M.D.

Whether you are new to the idea of therapy of have had lots of therapy, here are some challenges you may be strugging with.

  • Life Issues.  You feel stuck, not living up to your potential.  You're lonely, have trouble with substances (drink, drugs, smoking, food). You have obsessive thoughts. You are anxious and fearful.  Your creativity is blocked.

  • Relationship Issues. You have trouble meeting people, trouble with commitment.  You are distant from siblings; your parents are overbearing or intrusive. Your children disappoint.  Your parents are aging and need attention.

  • Work Issues. You don't like your job but are hesitant to make a change. Your life is all work and no play.  You are not earning enough money.  You dislike or cannot communicate effectively with your bosses.

  • Martial/Partner Issues. You and your partner argue frequently.  Your relationship is volatile.  You don't know how to talk to one another. You are not sexually compatible or have other sexual issues.  You or your partner have lost interest, are unfaithful or troubled.  There is abuse in the relationship.

  • Disordered Eating. You eat but are rarely satiated and feel conflicted about food.  You are dissatisfied with your body image.  You binge and purge.  You are too thin or overweight and are unhappy about it.  You eat the"wrong" foods.  Food runs you life and you are enslaved by the scale.

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