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Part of the process of healing is to get close to the authentic self, or to strip back the layers of defense that obscure our inner radiance. In the group, we have a chance to recognize the inner beauty of others, the beauty they themselves have forgotten.   By learning to recognize and love the radiance in another, we begin to recognize it in ourselves.


New York, NY

Are you looking for someone to tell you what you want to hear or what other therapists have already told you?  That is not Dr. Ariam.  But if you want someone who will help you get "unstuck" from what's holding you back, I highly recommend her.  She's smart, tough, brilliant.  You will learn about yourself in every session.


New York, NY

In group therapy, unhealthy patterns and behaviors that cannot be easily self-identified, that are masked by unconscious defenses, are suddenly revealed in stunning clarity when displayed by others in the group.  If you are blind to your own behavior, you experience intense revelation in witnessing the same behavior in others.  


Paramus, New Jersey

You told me to stop starving myself.  Fat people (yes, I was fat) never hear that sentence!  It was life-changing. I was constantly feeling deprived and angry.  I re-learned to eat and more importantly, to understand myself, my feelings and to deal with them directly.


New York, New York

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